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March 21, 2005

Tired of Exit Polls Yet?

And speaking of exit polls...I borrowed the title for this post from "DemFromCT," a frequent contributor (diarist) on DailyKos.   DFC was being a bit facetious; I'd actually like to know the answer.

For at least a month, I have intended to do a wrap-up post (or posts) on what the exit polls can (and cannot) tell us about allegations of fraud in the 2004 elections.  I keep putting off this task for a number of reasons, not the least of which is a concern that I have already devoted too much time to this subject.  Most of what I would write I have already written in some form.  I wonder if regular readers are getting or would get bored with it.   

So I'd like to hold an informal vote:    Should MP continue to focus on the exit poll controversy?  If you have feelings on this question either way, please EMAIL me with your opinion.   

I ask for email because I want to try to adhere to the notion of "one reader, one vote. " I will ignore messages from addresses that bounce back, should I reply.    The comments section is open, and thoughts are welcome there as always, but I will not count votes from phony email addresses.   As always, signed responses are greatly appreciated and possibly given greater weight.  I promise I will not quote you without permission, and MP never sends unsolicited email to anyone.

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