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May 02, 2005

Blog Vacation

A quick note:  I will be taking a brief “blog vacation” for the rest of this week.  I’ll be back next week when our coverage will include “on scene” coverage of the upcoming conference of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR).

Some updates for the truly devoted daily readers who don’t want to miss a word:  I added two “footnotes” this morning to Friday’s long exposition on the Liddle Model (starting here).     Also, DailyKos featured a post on Elizabeth Liddle's paper on their front page by diarist "DemFromCt."

Thank you for your continuing interest in this site an have a great week!

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We just returned from http://www.el.com/to/fishermanswharf/>Fishermans Wharf ourselves and trying to get back at it. Had a great time. Would like to blog about it if I knew how.

Posted by: DJ | Aug 14, 2005 9:30:51 PM

er... meant to say http://www.el.com/to/fishermanswharf/ Fishermans Wharf

Posted by: DJ | Aug 14, 2005 9:34:27 PM

Chris Locke writes about "Indigo Children," a meme reported on by the New York Times. The Indigo idea sounds like it pushes a whole bunch of buttons all at once — New Age, angels, the paranormal, child-worship, ADD. If it had some anti-child-porn hysteria about it, it'd be perfect. As one of the people in the NYT article says, this is basically the same social world view as Harry Potter's muggles v. wizards set up.

Anyway, it is a great example of what Chris has been talking about over at Mystic Bourgeoisie, America's Toughest to Spell weblog

Posted by: norco | Jan 16, 2006 6:53:51 PM

Arrrrgh....now I remember why they HAD to come up with more interesting video games.....boring.

judi - look at the watch, stare at the watch while it swings slowly before you. Listen only to the sound of my voice. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy

Posted by: .ara-mobail. | Jan 18, 2006 8:35:17 PM

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