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December 16, 2005

Typepad Outage

A quick update for those wondering why all of my posts from this week seemed to disappear overnight:  Typepad, the service that hosts this humble blog, experienced a major service outage overnight that prevented me from posting and readers from commenting.  During the day Typepad also "deployed" a backup copy of all of its weblogs from earlier in the week, which is why this week's posts seemed to disappear. 

As of now, all of my posts have been restored, but some of the images posted this week are still missing.    Typepad promises to restore the images over the weekend.  Hopefully all will be back to normal by Monday. 

For those interested, see the initial explanation and status updates from Typepad and coverage from MSNBC, ZDNet, Information Week and Computer World.  Unfortunately, such growing pains are inevitable as the blogosphere continues to expand.   Frustrating as an outage like this has been, my experience with Typepad has been mostly positive.  As Glenn  Reynolds points out, "it's to their credit that an outage like this is rare enough to be big news."

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