Debate III

October 14, 2004

Here are the links to the post debate survey results. ABC and Gallup once again re-interviewed previously contacted respondents immediately after the debates. CBS and Democracy Corps did the same using a nationally representative Internet panel (the Democratic aligned pollster...[More...]

The Second Debate

October 10, 2004

A busy weekend has made me late to the party on the subject of debate reaction. For those who have not seen them, three survey organizations -- Gallup, ABC News and Democracy Corps (a Democratic polling entity) -- did post...[More...]

Veep Debate

October 6, 2004

A quick take on the post debate polling. Andrew Sullivan (who kindly introduced many of you to this blog – thank you Andrew) gets it basically right in his quick polling summary this morning. Let me add a few thoughts....[More...]

The Newsweek Poll

October 3, 2004

Newsweek Magazine released a survey last night, "the first national telephone poll using a fresh sample” of all registered voters nationally since Thursday night’s debate. The results, if taken at face value, are highly encouraging for the Democrats, showing Kerry...[More...]

Democracy Corps on Debates

October 1, 2004

Just a quick update about another before-and-after debate poll conducted online last night by Knowledge Networks, this one on behalf of Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and guru James Carville for Democracy Corps. Both are serving as informal Kerry campaign advisors....[More...]

Debates II: Instant Polls

September 30, 2004

As I mentioned in the last post, past history shows that the media’s coverage of presidential debates typically has more impact on voter preference than the debate itself. So, as is often the case, we will not know for sure...[More...]

Debates: Focus Groups as Reality TV

September 30, 2004

Ok, so apparently, MSNBC has pulled the plug on its plan to have Republican Pollster Frank Luntz conduct a live focus group on MSNBC among uncertain voters tonight before and after the debate. According to Roll Call (subscription required), they...[More...]

Can polls tell who won a debate?

September 28, 2004

Start with these two posts on how instant polls and focus group aim to evaluate how candidates faired in a debate: Instant post-debate polls Focus Groups as Reality TV For more commentary, click on this link, or the link for...[More...]