The NYT Reader's Guide to Polls

August 29, 2006

Jack Rosenthal, a former senior editor of the New York Times, filled in as the guest Public Editor" this past Sunday and devoted the column to a remarkable "Reader's Guide to Polls." The column (which also includes a kind reference...[More...]

MP on NSA Polls on CBS Public Eye

May 26, 2006

Today I accepted an invitation to contribute to the "Outside Voices" feature on the CBS News blog "Public Eye." My post -- about lessons learned from the conflicting NSA telephone records polls -- is now up. Here's my bottom line:...[More...]

Post/ABC on NSA Records - Part II

May 17, 2006

As expected, Washington Post and ABC News continued conducting interviews over the weekend and released complete results Tuesday afternoon. The release last Friday morning was based on the first 505 interviews -- the complete sample consisted of 1,103 adults. The...[More...]

NSA Records Polling - Update

May 16, 2006

I want to continue to discuss the differences in the polls on the NSA records database issue, especially as new surveys are released. We have no new polls to consider for the moment, but I do want to pass on...[More...]

Another Day, A Very Different Result

May 13, 2006

Well, another day, another -- very different -- set of poll results on the NSA phone records surveillance issue. On a new survey out today from Newsweek (story, results) 53% of Americans said the "program goes too far in invading...[More...]

'Twas the Survey Before Christmas...

December 23, 2005

As things wind down a bit before the holidays, I want to put a little perspective on our recent speculation about the trends in attitudes about President Bush. It may be helpful to think about two different questions: (1) Have...[More...]

The RT Strategies Iraq Poll

December 2, 2005

Yesterday's front-page analysis of President Bush's Iraq speech earlier this week by the Washington Post's Peter Baker included a reference to some recent survey data: Administration officials believe much of the public is still eager for victory and open to...[More...]

Columbus Dispatch Poll: Past Performance No Guarantee of Future Results

November 18, 2005

"Past performance is no guarantee of future results." We typically hear that disclaimer applied to financial investments, but in an era of declining response rates, it should apply just as well to polls. Last week, I neglected to include such...[More...]

Ideology as a Diagnostic, Part III

June 21, 2005

In Part I of this series, MP suggested that small differences in self-reported ideology as reported by four different pollsters during 2004 could be explained by either the composition of the people sampled or the way the respondents answer the...[More...]

Ideology as a "Diagnostic?" - Part II

June 15, 2005

In Part One of this series, we looked at the differences in yearlong averages for self-reported ideology reported by four different pollsters: New York Times/CBS, Harris, Gallup and the Pew Research Center. There were small differences in self-reported ideology --...[More...]