AAPOR Remainders

May 17, 2005

Some additional items of interest from the AAPOR conference Peter Coy of Businessweek was also on hand and filed some commentary. One point he emphasized, that I neglected in yesterday's post, was the steps the exit pollsters plan to take...[More...]

AAPOR: Exit Poll Presentation

May 16, 2005

Unfortunately, the sleep deprivation experiment that was my AAPOR conference experience finally caught up with me Saturday night. So this may be a bit belated, but after a day of travel and rest, I want to provide those not at...[More...]

AAPOR: Day Two

May 14, 2005

A few quick notes from some of the sessions I attended yesterday at the AAPOR conference: Keep in mind that the "working papers" presented at AAPOR (actually most are currently PowerPoint presentations) are just that - works in progress. Also,...[More...]

AAPOR: Day One

May 13, 2005

As promised, I am reporting to you from beautiful Miami Beach at the first day of the annual meeting of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR). Earlier this week, I said I would try to provide highlights on...[More...]