More on Rasmussen, Immigration & Third Parties

May 8, 2006

Today, thanks to pollster Scott Rasmussen, we have an update on that hypothetical third-party/immigration question he asked a few weeks ago on one of his automated surveys. Largely the result of a dialogue on that question involving Mickey Kaus and...[More...]

An "Immigration-Enforcement" Third Party?

April 28, 2006

Yesterday, our friend Mickey Kaus highlighted a question from a recent Rasmussen automated survey worth examining a bit more closely. The question asks voters to choose between "generic" Republican and Democratic candidates (with no stated immigration position) and a third...[More...]

Salience of Immigration Rising

April 20, 2006

Gallup brings us the polling story of the day with a report of a "significant" increase in the percentage of Americans who consider immigration and gasoline prices the most important issues facing the country. Gallup reports that mentions of immigration...[More...]