Dispatch Poll: Questionnaire Language

November 28, 2005

A quick update on the Columbus Dispatch poll: The folks at the Dispatch have kindly provided the full text of the questions asked on their final pre-election survey on Ohio Issues 1 through 5. The full text appears on the...[More...]

Pre-Thanksgiving Odds & Ends

November 23, 2005

Just enough time today to pass on a few odds and ends before taking a few days off for the holiday: A New Poll - We have another national public to watch. It is a partnership of The Cook Political...[More...]

Ohio Update: The AG's Opinion on Paper Ballots

November 22, 2005

At end of my long post on the recent problems with the Columbus Dispatch poll, I passed along a tip from an Ohio election lawyer that a recent "opinion" issues by the Ohio Attorney General gave all paper ballots the...[More...]

Ballot Issues: How Do We Know?

November 21, 2005

I was reading through an embarrassingly long backlog of email today and came across one message I meant to respond to weeks ago. In my first post on initiative and referenda polling, I wrote: We know that many voters make...[More...]

Columbus Dispatch Poll: Past Performance No Guarantee of Future Results

November 18, 2005

"Past performance is no guarantee of future results." We typically hear that disclaimer applied to financial investments, but in an era of declining response rates, it should apply just as well to polls. Last week, I neglected to include such...[More...]

News Roundup: The Hits Keep on Coming

November 14, 2005

Last week, this site quietly passed the milestone of one million page views, as tracked by Sitemeter. Now as MP will be the first to note, the "page views" statistic may tell us more about the mechanical function of a...[More...]

Election Results and Lessons

November 10, 2005

One lesson for MP is to allow for more blogging time on the day after an election. But on the theory that a little late is better than never, here is a quick roundup of developments from Tuesday's results: California....[More...]

Polling the Props: The Columbus Dispatch Poll

November 8, 2005

While we wait for election returns - yes, actual returns this time, not leaked exit polls - in the key off-year contests, MP finds himself coming back to the difficulty of conducting pre-election polling for ballot propositions and referenda. And...[More...]

Polling the Props: Election Eve Update

November 7, 2005

Three of the organizations doing surveys in California released new polls today. Here are links to their releases: Survey USA - 2,056 likely voters interviewed by telephone with an automated methodology 11/4-11/6 Polimetrix - 1,181 likely voters interviewed online, 11/2-11/5...[More...]

Polling the Props: Part III

November 6, 2005

Picking up where we left off yesterday, if we want to understand the contradicting results in some of the public polls on California's special election, we need to begin with this question: Are the surveys sampling different kinds of people...[More...]