Another Online Poll on Online Activity

August 22, 2006

Last week's "Numbers Guy" column by Carl Bialik of the Wall Street Journal Online looked at another online survey about an online activity, in this case about online alcohol sales to teenagers. Bialik noticed something in the release that the...[More...]

Corrections!: An AMA Spring Break Update

June 1, 2006

We have had some new developments over the last few days regarding the online Spring Break study conducted earlier this year by the American Medical Association (AMA). The story, as long time readers will recall, involved an AMA release that...[More...]

Mom's Pay: Another Non-Random Sample

May 11, 2006

The Wall Street Journal Online's Carl Bialik is on the case of another non-random sample survey conducted online. In this week's Numbers Guy column (free to all) Bialik writes about a study done by the salary compensation firm that...[More...]

An Online Poll on an Online Activity

April 26, 2006

One of the gratifying things about writing this blog is the collective power of Mystery Pollster readers. Last week, I emailed some questions to Zogby International about the methodology they used for a recent poll conducted on behalf of the...[More...]

On Reporting Standards and "Scientific" Surveys

April 10, 2006

Two weeks ago, I posted a two-part series on an online spring break study conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA). That discussion coincided with an odd confluence of commentary on online polling and the standards used by the news...[More...]

The AMA Spring Break Survey - Part II

March 29, 2006

Picking up where we left off yesterday, the AMA's Spring Break survey has problems other than the disclosure of its methodology. We must also consider the misleading reporting of results from the survey that were based on less than the...[More...]

The AMA Spring Break Survey - Part I

March 28, 2006

Last week, MP discussed a not-quite projective study of evacuees from Hurricane Katrina published by the New York Times. I noted the effort made by the Times to differentiate their study from a "scientific poll" and to make clear that...[More...]

Polling Holiday Sales

November 30, 2005

The Wall Street Journal's "Numbers Guy" Carl Bialik takes a look this week at the various measures used to estimate retail sales over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. While not about political polling, to be sure, most of the measures he...[More...]