Rasmussen Update: A Lesson in Measurement Error

July 25, 2006

Although still playing catch-up on the "day job," I want to highlight something that has appeared without fanfare over the last week on Bush job approval page on the Rasmussen Reports website. Rasmussen, as most regular readers know, conducts surveys...[More...]

The Fix: IVR Surveys & Response Rates

July 13, 2006

Yesterday (just before the Typepad outage that prevented me from posting all day), Chris Cillizza's The Fix blog at WashingtonPost.com took a helpful look at the "Pros and Cons of Auto-Dialed Surveys" and said some kind words about MP in...[More...]

Rasmussen Update

May 30, 2006

Scott Rasmussen launched a new look for his Rasmussen Reports web page last week, so I thought it might be a good time to update the chart that compares the Bush job rating as measured by the Rasmussen automated tracking...[More...]


May 23, 2006

Here is another interesting piece of news announced during the AAPOR conference: Automated pollster SurveyUSA plans to introduce a new service later this year called "SurveyDNA." The subscription-only service will allow subscribers to "take apart" SurveyUSA polls and re-weight and...[More...]

More on Rasmussen, Immigration & Third Parties

May 8, 2006

Today, thanks to pollster Scott Rasmussen, we have an update on that hypothetical third-party/immigration question he asked a few weeks ago on one of his automated surveys. Largely the result of a dialogue on that question involving Mickey Kaus and...[More...]

Rasmussen Adopts Dynamic Party Weighting

May 1, 2006

As promised here on MP, pollster Scott Rasmussen yesterday announced a new party weighting procedure for his automated tracking survey: Beginning today (Sunday), Rasmussen Reports Job Approval updates are based upon data using a slight modification to our targeting and...[More...]

Rasmussen and Party ID - Part II

April 19, 2006

One of the challenges in evaluating the data available from Rasmussen Reports is that Scott Rasmussen's methodology involves two significant departures from most conventional surveys. He uses an automated recorded voice technology (rather than live interviewers) to select and interview...[More...]

Monday Morning Link Roundup

April 17, 2006

It's Monday morning, and I'm still reeling from a week of trying to balance blogging, Passover travel and the ever present day job. But here is a quick roundup of things worth reading this morning from the world of political...[More...]

Rasmussen and Party ID - Part I

April 13, 2006

And speaking of putting the results of the new "automated" surveys under a microscope, we have some new data this week on party identification from automated pollster Scott Rasmussen. These data provide us with another opportunity to compare Rasmussen's results...[More...]

On Reporting Standards and "Scientific" Surveys

April 10, 2006

Two weeks ago, I posted a two-part series on an online spring break study conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA). That discussion coincided with an odd confluence of commentary on online polling and the standards used by the news...[More...]