Mobile Phone Update

May 16, 2006

Two important reports were released over the last few days on the growing number of Americans with a mobile phone but no "wired" phone service and the implications of this trend for the accuracy of telephone surveys. Last Friday, the...[More...]

Lessons: Mobile Phones

November 14, 2004

In today’s Washington Post, Richard Morin provides an important epilogue on the issue of mobile-phone-only voters. As I wrote before the election, some said that polls were missing a hidden Kerry vote among young people who had switched off their...[More...]

More on Mobile Phones

October 17, 2004

I want to clarify a few points from Friday's post on mobile phones, based on some of the very thoughtful reader comments. First, it is tempting to try to project a growth rate for mobile-phone-only adults based on the three...[More...]

Mobile Phones

October 15, 2004

Arianna Huffington, a frequent critic of political polling, is weighing in once again with an indictment of the "downright dangerous impact that polls are having on our democracy," including an assertion about mobile phones that has gotten a lot of...[More...]