August 22, 2006

Last week I discovered an interesting new blog devoted to political polling called Actually, is something of a blog within a blog, a site nestled within the conservative site RedState.comorg. It combines frequent posts from blogger Gerry Daly...[More...]

New Pew Blogger Study

July 19, 2006

The Pew Internet and American Life project today released a fascinating study on Americans who consider themselves bloggers -- that is who say they maintain "a web log or 'blog' that others can read on the web." A summary is...[More...]


June 15, 2006

My apologies for the slow rate of posting this week. I had a number of non-blog deadlines all fall within about week's time and they have taken their toll. Among other things, I have not been able to finish my...[More...]

The Netroots Survey at YearlyKos

June 10, 2006

A note for regular readers: I am flying to the YearlyKos Conference in Las Vegas this morning to help present a unique survey later today of the progressive or liberal Netroots that was the brainchild of MyDD blogger Chris Bowers....[More...]

Good News, Bad News & The Blogosphere

May 9, 2006

The last few days have been busy in terms of new national polls released, yet the commentary on those polls in the blogosphere strikes me as typical. Partisans on both sides (though mostly on the liberal side this time) seized...[More...]

Gallup on Blogs 2006

February 10, 2006

Gallup has a new report out today updating data released last year on self-reported blogs readership. Senior Editor Lydia Saad concludes that growth in blog readers over the last year "was somewhere between nil and negative." As Gallup typically makes...[More...]

Update: The MyDD Poll

January 29, 2006

The MyDD survey that we discussed last week is now complete, and the site is rolling out the results over the weekend (here, here and here so far, with a detailed description of the methodology here). To be sure, this...[More...]

The MyDD Poll

January 23, 2006

While we're on the topic of poll questions commissioned by web sites on the blogosphere's left wing, here is a truly innovative development: The blog known as MyDD has decided to go beyond simply placing a few questions on a...[More...]

Gallup on Internet Use

January 9, 2006

Just a quick note for those who interested in polling data on Internet use (which is just about all of us, yes?): Today's Gallup Poll Daily Video Briefing presents a summary of data gathered over the last three years on...[More...]

Hillary, The Blogs & The Base

January 6, 2006

Over the last few weeks, bloggers have debated the appeal of a potential presidential candidacy by Hillary Clinton to the "base" of the Democratic party. Today I want to point out some polling data that are relevant to that debate,...[More...]