CT: Party ID from Quinnipiac Poll

August 21, 2006

In the busy run-up to a long needed vacation, I have not had a chance to write about the new Quinnipiac Connecticut poll released last week. However, I did want to note (and promote) the very helpful comment from reader...[More...]

The Pew Media Study

August 2, 2006

The Pew Research Center released results a few days ago from its biennial study of American's media consumption habits (report, printable PDF, topline questionnaire). Although it may have been lost amidst a rush of major news stories and other polls...[More...]

It's What We Call Spin?

June 29, 2006

Thanks to alert reader LS who tipped me off to an old story that I had missed, but that is still worthy of notice on MP. Nearly two months ago, Dick Leggitt, the campaign manager for Colorado Republican Senate candidate...[More...]

The Battle of the Bulge Poll

June 23, 2006

Last Sunday, Bush press secretary Tony Snow speculated about what polls might have shown during World War II: "If somebody had taken a poll in the Battle of the Bulge, I dare say people would have said, 'Wow, my goodness,...[More...]

Update II: Military Social Conservatives

June 21, 2006

It gets more interesting. Here is the promised update to the posts of the last two days, based on some fascinating analysis sent by Jason Dempsey, an Army Infantry officer and Columbia PhD candidate currently completing a teaching tour at...[More...]

Update: Military Social Conservatives

June 20, 2006

Let's hear it for MP's readers. Both in comments and via email, I have heard from political scientists pointing to much better sources of data on military attitudes than what I cited yesterday. These confirm that, contrary to Peggy Noonan's...[More...]

No "Social Conservatives" in the Career Military?

June 19, 2006

A reader emailed to ask about a comment made in a column last week by the Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan (as noted by Mickey Kaus): I've never met a career military man who was a conservative on social issues....[More...]

Corrections!: An AMA Spring Break Update

June 1, 2006

We have had some new developments over the last few days regarding the online Spring Break study conducted earlier this year by the American Medical Association (AMA). The story, as long time readers will recall, involved an AMA release that...[More...]

Post/ABC on NSA Records - Part II

May 17, 2006

As expected, Washington Post and ABC News continued conducting interviews over the weekend and released complete results Tuesday afternoon. The release last Friday morning was based on the first 505 interviews -- the complete sample consisted of 1,103 adults. The...[More...]

NSA Records Polling - Update

May 16, 2006

I want to continue to discuss the differences in the polls on the NSA records database issue, especially as new surveys are released. We have no new polls to consider for the moment, but I do want to pass on...[More...]