New Polls from Fox, AP

August 11, 2006

Apologies for slow posting since Wednesday - it's been a busy week. Taking a step back from the Connecticut primary, two new national polls were released this week, and both show slightly lower job ratings for George Bush than most...[More...]

Bush Job Approval Update

July 28, 2006

This week brought a slew of new national surveys, but the trend in the Bush approval rating appears to be essentially flat since mid-June. The new surveys are from Gallup/USA Today (story, results, Gallup reports), NBC News/Wall Street Journal (story,...[More...]

Gallup: Bush Job Approval at 40%

July 11, 2006

Gallup reported on their latest national survey today, which shows the Bush job approval rating bumping up to 40% (the Gallup release is free to all for today, to subscribers only after that). Charles Franklin plots the Gallup numbers, which...[More...]


June 15, 2006

My apologies for the slow rate of posting this week. I had a number of non-blog deadlines all fall within about week's time and they have taken their toll. Among other things, I have not been able to finish my...[More...]

The Latest from CBS & USAToday/Gallup

June 13, 2006

Both USAToday/Gallup and CBS News are out with new polls this week that provide slightly conflicting views of the impact of the death last week of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi on the fortunes of President Bush. CBS News (article, results) shows...[More...]

Gallup: A "Modest Improvement?"

June 6, 2006

I am at work on the second part of the series looking at RFK, Jr. on exit polls, but will likely be bogged down by the “day job” for the afternoon. Those who need a polling fix might want to...[More...]

MP on NSA Polls on CBS Public Eye

May 26, 2006

Today I accepted an invitation to contribute to the "Outside Voices" feature on the CBS News blog "Public Eye." My post -- about lessons learned from the conflicting NSA telephone records polls -- is now up. Here's my bottom line:...[More...]

That Immigration Speech Instant Reaction Poll

May 18, 2006

dHere is a less than instant reaction to an instant-reaction survey fielded Monday night following the immigration address by President George Bush. CNN conducted the survey (story, results) among Americans who reported viewing the immigration speech by President George Bush....[More...]

Post/ABC on NSA Records - Part II

May 17, 2006

As expected, Washington Post and ABC News continued conducting interviews over the weekend and released complete results Tuesday afternoon. The release last Friday morning was based on the first 505 interviews -- the complete sample consisted of 1,103 adults. The...[More...]

Another Day, A Very Different Result

May 13, 2006

Well, another day, another -- very different -- set of poll results on the NSA phone records surveillance issue. On a new survey out today from Newsweek (story, results) 53% of Americans said the "program goes too far in invading...[More...]