We Agree

January 3, 2005

Speaking of Ruy (and putting on my partisan Democratic hat for a moment): On this topic, we completely agree.[More...]

"Final" Results

January 3, 2005

Some news from GMU Prof. Michael McDonald by way of Ruy Teixeira - the final tabulation of the national popular vote based on the "official" count: This tabulation includes roughly 5 million votes that were not included in the final...[More...]

NAES Reports on Hispanic Voters

December 21, 2004

The National Annenberg Election Survey (NAES) has just weighed in with its massive 81,422 interview rolling survey on the issue of Hispanic voter preference in the 2004 elections. They combined their rolling tracking surveys for the eight weeks before the...[More...]

Pew on "Moral Values"

November 12, 2004

The Pew Research Center released a new study yesterday, a follow-up interview with 1203 voters who were originally surveyed in October that sheds interesting new light on the “moral values” controversy. Pew conducted an experiment with the question that asked,...[More...]


November 7, 2004

Saturday's New York Times had three articles on the other big exit poll issue this week: The question that showed 22% of voters choosing "moral values" as the issue they were most concerned about. In an op-ed piece, ABC News...[More...]

First Impressions

November 3, 2004

As with any election, the results leave us much to sift through. Although the final counts are not yet available for all states, we can still reach some conclusions about two issues I raised that have also been the subject...[More...]

Allocating Undecideds

November 2, 2004

I started to do something this evening I haven't had a chance to do in several days, which is to simply browse other blogs and ponder where things stand. Naturally, I found myself quickly falling asleep. The curse of new...[More...]

Ohio: Back to the Future

November 1, 2004

There is one poll I have been dying to write about since I started this blog. It has a surprisingly strong track record and, as luck would have it, happens to survey only voters in Ohio, one of the most...[More...]

Are They Breaking Yet?

October 30, 2004

Looking for validation of the incumbent rule, more than a few readers (including Mickey Kaus and Noam Scheiber) have asked when we can expect to see undecided start "breaking" toward Kerry. My answer all along has been that we typically...[More...]

About Those Tracking Surveys

October 26, 2004

So admit it. At least once a day, possibly more often, you've been checking in on the various rolling-average tracking surveys. Most of us are. If you have been looking at more than one, the results over the last few...[More...]